NJR Consulting understands that transitioning to the cloud can raise a number of concerns for business owners and IT managers. What if it results in downtime? How will I let my strategic partners know that cloud investment is good? What if the service provider is not there to address any support issues promptly? With NJR Consulting, all your worries are put to ease through our highly committed team of professionals who strictly adhere to ensure quality assurance and enhance customer satisfaction. We can not only help you with migration and support but also assist you in this transition for all ongoing business activities. We believe we can overcome all challenges of organizational transformation through improved communication and enhanced collaboration.

Through the past years you have depended on your Legacy IT Infrastructure, we understand that it can be overwhelming to transition into something completely different; hence, our unique approach to catering this issue stems from leveraging the extensive knowledge and know-how of our experts who have been directing and guiding many organizations, like yours, to driving cost savings, flexibility, security, and maintaining stringent compliance for mission critical applications.

NJR is adept at developing customized solutions for you using the world’s leading global infrastructure- Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.


Cloud Offerings

NJR Consulting provides you expert consulting services and support in all Azure offerings.  From basic IaaS to complex PaaS and SaaS services taking care of all your cloud needs. NJR will put up with all the tiresome details and let you focus on what matters the most to you.

A lot of businesses rely on SaaS or some kind of SaaS for CRM or Email, etc.

Some of the benefits SaaS Model gives include:

  • Lower overall cost of Software Ownership
  • Change your usage according to your business circumstances
  • Economically appealing business cases
  • Roll out the software quicker and in an efficient manner​
  • Align your IT budgets with the ongoing expenses for better return on investments.

NJR can help you with a SaaS solution (like Dropbox, Office 365, OneDrive Google Drive etc.).

NJR Consulting can integrate your existing software applications with SaaS Solutions.


IaaS, although not a Plug n Play type service, gives you a lot of control over the computing resources given by the service provider. You can pick and choose what you require as it is highly flexible and scalable.

PaaS lets you manage the applications and data giving you less responsibility as compared to IaaS but more than SaaS. It gives you a platform so you can design, deploy, and even customize business applications as you need them.

Our extensive consultancy services can help you optimize cost and identify the areas where cloud solution(s) can give your organization a substantial return on investments. We will not only stop there, our people centric service will guide you through implementation and help you develop and maintain a cloud strategy that supports your future needs and goals.

Our consulting services include: ​​ ​

Pre-migration readiness assessments

Financial assessment (Total Cost of Operations)

Cloud roadmaps

Strategy and design