Businesses rely on data for routine operations that serve as the backbone of the business. We understand that the importance of secure access is a fundamental necessity of cloud hosted offerings.

NJR Consulting can help you secure your public private and SaaS solutions through comprehensive solutions to protect your data and applications.

The more the organizations need to be confident in regards to security, the more they often are unaware of the security infrastructure implications and therefore are not equipped to deal with challenges associated with Digital Transformation. Using a cloud service doesn’t always means all your security concerns are automatically addressed. Our cloud services make sure that all your data and/or applications are safe both on premises and in the cloud.

Cloud security can be a daunting challenge. From shared resources to insecure APIs to cloud jacking, compliance concerns, and data sovereignty are only a few amongst many security issues that keep companies from inclining towards moving their critical infrastructure to the cloud.

Additionally Hybrid Clouds, that blend on premise data with a public cloud infrastructure, raise a need for an integrated approach for the security landscape of your organization’s IT.

The privacy security and compliance have always been the major concerns in the context of cloud migration and adoption. NJR’s multi cloud security approach can help your organization mitigate any security breaches and future risk of attacks across on premises and/or multiple IaaS and SaaS environments.

NJR Consulting Inc. prides in providing cutting-edge security solutions for customers to protect their sensitive business data from malicious intent and unauthorized access. Moreover, we test the vulnerabilities and weak points of your current system and put contingency procedures in place if need be.

Through automation, virtualization and iterative development, we help transform heritage IT to be future-ready by:

Simplifying existing IT

We unlock value by consolidating applications and platforms, simplifying processes and integrating services, enabling you to handle heritage debt and run better on an efficient IT backbone.

Modernizing existing IT

We help you update legacy applications and platforms and transform processes and operating models to roll out your digital business nimbly.

Securing IT

We bolster your resilience against cyber threats and other vulnerabilities by employing threat intelligence, security analytics and private cloud and device security.

NJR provides the following security services

  1. Penetration Testing:

Security is mostly dependent on your Cloud Service provider or CSP. NJR can deliver quality cloud testing services as a vital part of its Penetration testing offerings. We make sure that all aspects of your IT Infrastructure (IaaS), Platform (PaaS) and Software (SaaS) is included in our testing.

  1. Government Compliancy Scanning and Implementation
    1. NJR helps you in the automation of all controls that are essential for all compliance regulations set forth by the government. The Nessus Cloud makes it easy to deploy and maintain a vulnerability management system on the cloud.
    2. We can integrate software like OpenSCAP as a means to measure compliance in. Security Content Automation Protocol, or SCAP, is used by many government organizations as well as the military.
  2. Threat Monitoring and Cyber Attack Defense, Incident Response, and Event Investigation
    1. Network Firewall

A network firewall can act as a component of a strong strategy to fight against malicious intent, activities, and assault on the network resources. Components can include intrusion detection and antivirus software.

  1. Web Application Firewall

NJR can help you set up Web Application security platforms to defend against DDos attacks, securing your apps and fast-tracking the application delivery. Through NJR you can set up a Barracuda or Incapsula Web Application Firewall and have peace of mind for all your Web Applications, whether on cloud or on premises.

  1. Cloud Security Evaluation and Implementation

NJR can provide you with various Cloud Security options best suited to your business needs.

  1. Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center provides you with security management and threat protection from a single source for all hybrid cloud workloads. You can find and fix any loopholes and vulnerabilities before they make an impact.

  1. AWS Inspector

AWS Inspector is a great security assessment service for better security and compliance of applications hosted on AWS. The AWS inspector finds and deals with all vulnerabilities according to their severity.

  1. Federation Service (Single Sign-On) and Multifactor Authentication
    1. Federation/single sign-on design and implementation (i.e. MS ADFS, Azure B2C)

NJR can help you deploy SSO services through MS ADFS or Azure B2C enabling the end users to authenticate and gain access to cloud using on premises credentials. MS ADFS stands out with its high availability and easy deployment.

  1. Multifactor Authentication design and implementation (i.e. Azure MFA, Google Authenticator)

Multi factor authentication involves two factors of authentication: one being something you have and the other being something you know. NJR can help you design and implement solutions for multifactor authentication using Azure MFA or Google authenticator etc.

NJR Consulting provides that backbone, unleashing the application power to help organizations create secure, agile and responsive environments through the use of:

  • Web Application Firewall – Incapsula and Barracuda
  • Backend isolation
  • Azure Load Balancer Integration
  • VM Image Hardening
  • Enterprise Random Password Manager Implementation – Lieberman’s ERPM
  • SQL Backend Encryption
  • Password self service portal/platform Development – AD Manager
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – SMS Passcode/Azure ADFS