Our expert team of data management experts can help you sift out rich insights from your Data Silos. Take advantage of NJR’s bottom up methodology to bring together all the facts and figures in a prompt and manageable way to turn data into actionable insights and drive effective decision making throughout the organization.

Using world-leading cloud platforms, NJR’s data insights practices can help you with a common information model that can provide you with actionable insights essential for sustaining profitability. We use best of breed solutions from the industry leaders like Microsoft Oracle etc. for implementation and managed services.

With NJR Cloud Solutions management and Optimization, you get a pay-for-what-you-use charging model to gain control over the costs. Gain (or regain) transparent control over the cloud, spend and improve governance, and reduce risk ultimately increasing the value of your organization. We can help you improve your cloud efficiency so you can accelerate future investments in cloud with confidence.

Cloud optimization is by no means a once-and-done process, but you can still save substantial resources by identifying and segregating areas where the most budget overruns occur.

  • Identifying unused cloud resources or resources that are not being utilized as often.
  • Identifying the discounting options depending on your usage
  • Implementing controls for the budget
  • Evaluating cost effective instance sizes
  • Shutting down underutilized cloud instances
  • Stop running dev instances 24/7 and run them only when needed.
  • Stick to the usage commitments

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While we are familiar with the benefits the cloud has to offer, we often overlook the fact that the on-demand aspect of the cloud almost every time results in uncontrolled costs. This requires companies to adopt a completely new approach for managing and optimizing the Cloud Infrastructure and applications.


Performance optimization is also a major concern. Being optimized for the cloud essentially means that the data must move impeccably across platforms and databases and should perform perfectly with any given operating system and hardware device. NJR analyses your situation to provide you with a suitable cloud vender without any hidden catch. Some of the benefits of performance optimization include:

Hybrid Cloud Visibility

Often the difference between success and failure is delivering continuous and high-performance services to the users before and after the workload migration to the cloud. You can have full visibility and control of the entire hybrid cloud environment regardless of where the services or applications are running.

Cloud Workloads Visibility

The IT infrastructure of some companies combined with complex multi-vendor environments and heterogeneous solutions makes it a difficult proposition for maintaining performance. Hence, making the visibility of all cloud based workloads absolutely essential for uninterrupted running of business-critical applications.


Through optimization of performance, you can scale workloads across on-premises and/or Azure, AWS environments. Cloud gives you the ability to scale up or down depending on the growing or decreasing demand instead of settling with fixed thresholds that do not add to the quality of service provided.

Demand Curation

Give your applications the desired resources they need to be in sync with the service levels on the cloud or on-premises through performance optimization.