Cloud Computing offers virtualized infrastructure (IaaS), platforms (PaaS) or even applications (SaaS) for the organization. Migration to another platform can be a daunting task, let alone migrating to an IaaS platform like Azure, Google Cloud, or any public/private/hybrid setting. NJR helps you with exceptional support and step by step guidance for migrating to the cloud. Our time tested strategies executed by our experts will help discover your workload and assess application portfolio, categorize applications, and review cost structures to create the most suitable strategy that fits your business needs.

Many organizations adopt various paths to the cloud. Some may prefer public cloud services like Azure, AWS, or Google while others may opt for hybrid strategy where some or little data is housed in an on-premise data center while other portion resides on the cloud. Some may even go for a private cloud option where they keep all their data on the premises.

NJR can help you decide which path to choose that is also in sync with your long and short term business goals and objectives. Businesses often need to evaluate whether they want to incorporate cloud on an application by application basis or for the whole environment. Our professional can give you expert insights on the most suitable strategy for your business that is beneficial for you in the current setting as well as in the future, should you expand. This is one of the most important and useful aspects of migrating to the cloud- greater flexibility and scalability. It ensures organizations can scale up their business as and when needed according to their usage needs and also scale down, should there be any need.

Your business can avail reduced hardware costs, installation charges, maintenance expenses, and IT staffing overheads through perfectly executed cloud migration strategies.

NJR Consulting will help you respond promptly, deploy faster, and scale up quicker to meet the evolving customer demands.

Customers or businesses can choose any of the cloud offerings:

Public Cloud

Public cloud hosts applications and data on shared servers through third party providers, which supply various cloud solutions to customers on demand.

Private Cloud

A private cloud hosts data and is solely designed for a single organization. It can be managed by a third party or the organization itself and may be on or off premises.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud comprises of two or more clouds that are bound together through proprietary technology making it easier to move workloads between public and/or private clouds. It is highly efficient when all constituents of the hybrid cloud house large volumes of data.

Cloud Migration can be overwhelming depending on what configuration and model you choose. NJR can not only be your guide in adopting the cloud but your continuous support throughout your cloud migration journey, and even after.

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