NJR’s DevOps team addresses the challenges of downtime and stability that equates to lost revenues.

Increased complexity of application infrastructures and the demand for faster software releases has increased the IT demand as more and more organizations realize the benefits of Cloud Computing.

DevOps is a combination of agile development as well as IT operations. It is a relatively new concept in the industry that heavily considers communication, integration, collaboration, and automation as its core ideas. The DevOps increases the workflow between IT Operations professionals and software developers to ensure faster development and deployment of mobile and web applications.  Instead of depending on vendor specific proprietary tools, NJR Consulting’s DevOps services incorporate Agile development methodologies in all operations and quality assurance for faster development and management of mobile and web applications. Continuous delivery and continuous integration is quintessential for developers as well as operations.

DevOps emphasizes on automation to a great extent. As the cloud helps us get rid of many hardware complications, it also gives us a lot of dynamic infrastructure changes. Developing smarter applications and software can help control complex deployments and changes in the infrastructure- in other words, automation. While most people may regard automation as a source of more risks, it is actually the other way around. Automation removes a lot of potential security flaws.

DevOps lives and breathes through automation. Building and deploying environments that are ready to embrace a change are necessary for any successful system. Embracing constant change is essential for the evolution and growth in these modern times. An essential part of designing with constant change in mind is building repeatable components. A system should be built efficiently as to deal with any issues that arise time and again. One off builds or one-time deployments are the biggest hurdles in the way of constant change. Building repeatable components addresses these concerns to a great extent.

An important part of DevOps is to anticipate failure. This helps to design and be prepared for the worst to come, with contingency measures and safety protocols at place. Lastly, automation considers human intervention as a security risk. This way we can reduce as many opportunities to avoid human error as possible.

Let NJR be your outsourced DevOps team. We will maintain your cloud environment 24/7 and build, deploy, and manage all your mission critical systems through faster development made possible by enhanced collaboration between our developers and your IT operations professionals.

Our DevOps team bridges the gap between the development team and systems team by doing the following by implementing automation:

Create production-like systems for development and testing environment

Ensure that deployments are iterative and frequent

Ensure a reliable and repeatable process

Continuously monitor and validate operational quality characteristics

Amplify feedback loop

We provision and install user specific application/domain based on the VM Type/Category as well as align your team around a common end-state vision and create an actionable plan on how to get there through:

  • TFS to VSTS (Visual Studios Team Services) Migration
  • PowerShell – Automated deployment, monitoring and management
  • System Center Config Manager – Microsoft Image/app/patch deployment automation and inventory tool
  • System Center Orchestrator – Microsoft job automation
  • Automated Systems and Applications Health Check
  • Automated VM and Applications Deployment
  • Automated Disaster Recovery Process
  • Managing the VM Shutdown Schedule
  • Any other DevOps management tasks as needed