Cloud Consulting

NJR Consulting understands that transitioning to the cloud can raise a number of concerns for business owners and IT managers. What if it results in downtime? How will I let my strategic partners know that cloud investment is good? What if the service provider is

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Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Business Analytics are integral for a successful enterprise to remain competitive, increase productivity, increase revenues, and minimize costs. Many organizations rely on business analytics to help make better decisions and improve business performance...

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Management & Optimization

Our expert team of data management experts can help you sift out rich insights from your Data Silos. Take advantage of NJR’s bottom up methodology to bring together all the facts and figures in a...

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Cloud Security

Businesses rely on data for routine operations that serve as the backbone of the business. We understand that the importance of secure access is a fundamental necessity of cloud hosted offerings...

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Whatever your Systems and Cloud Resources Monitoring challenges are, NJR Consulting provides the strategic guidance and technical expertise you need to succeed. Our team of MS Certified Architects have over 20 years of experience in Cloud and Enterprise IT and can help you implement the technologies you need to manage and understand your data.​

Heighten efficiencies to improve performance​

We are highly committed to quality assurance by enhancing customer satisfaction, achieving continuous improvement, and fulfilling and exceeding international regulatory and customer requirements. Our team of MS-certified Senior Engineers has Worked at HP Enterprise Services for over 10 and managed Fortune 500 companies’ critical B2B and B2C infrastructure and applications​

We help many of the world’s leading companies drive efficiencies and productivity as they cope with market and economic pressures. We know that organizations cannot master 21st century challenges with 20th century strategies and methods.​