NJR Consulting has capitalized on the expertise and experience of its team who has served in the industry for more than 50+ years cumulatively. Our extremely talented ensemble has brought with them a rigorous experience and exhaustive knowledge in Enterprise IT Solutions. NJR wholly understands that each customer is different in that they have their own needs, their particular business strategy and goals, their personal view of technology, and their own way of adjusting to it. That is the reason why we always exceed customer expectations through unmatched project planning and incline our efforts towards performing every task with professionalism and due diligence to ensure that every solution installation, deployment, and execution is done with accuracy, precision, and reliability while being in harmony with client long term vision and objectives.

Organizations often find the need to have more than a single service provider in order to address all their IT concerns.

. NJR Consulting aims to be a one-stop roof for all IT concerns covering your organization’s comprehensive IT landscape from IT value chain to providing end-to-end IT solutions. We provide meaningful services to our clients exploiting sophisticated technology and practices to influence your business decisions astutely.

Many companies often remain below par when it comes to addressing dilemmatic concerns like incorporating the cloud into the business or not. NJR Consulting Inc. endeavors to not only address this (and many other) concerns, but also “How to efficiently make use of the cloud in your business to accomplish your goals”.

NJR Consulting focuses on helping organizations: ​

Run Better

Run Different

Run Digital

There is, of course, this luxury of choice of options in the context of adopting Cloud Solutions. Businesses worry about how they will be able to adopt the cloud: whether it’s moving the entire infrastructure to the cloud, or barely a portion of the services, or even adhering to only a few of the services the cloud has to offer.

We will help you deal with any and all queries you may have in adopting Cloud Services regardless of the industry you belong to. Our Exceptional Enterprise IT Solutions, Unparalleled Cloud Migration Services and Support, Business Intelligence and Analytics are availed in many industrial sectors:

  • Government
  • Financial
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing/Retail
  • Health Insurance

Our Microsoft and AWS certified engineers are routinely tested to ensure they possess the knowledge and skills and understand the latest technology inside out to bring the customers to the peak level of satisfaction and peace of mind in any offering they choose.

No matter what industry you serve, Cloud Services serve a vital purpose for efficient data management, cost optimization, increased revenue, and enhanced productivity.  Feel free to contact us today to find out about your opportunities.